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We manage and secure IT solutions that help you achieve your most ambitious IT goals. Merix Web Experts work with clients closely to create the right IT solutions like websites, portals, e-commerce systems, mobile applications to name a few to support the core business objectives like cost reduction, sales increase, customer acquisition, process optimisation, customer relations, quality improvement just to name a few.

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Below our most design related services

  • ERP Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Logo Design Services
  • On-Demand Solution
  • Game Development
  • Print Media Design

ERP Management

Keeping track of licenses and determining revenues no longer has to be done in spreadsheets. Merix Web Experts offer a number of good modules for license management with its ERP management service for this. You can also determine your forecasts, determine revenue recognition, and also automate. And not to forget; automatic invoicing based on the ordered licenses. This allows you to focus on developing and selling software instead of spreadsheet management.

On-Demand Solution

Deorwine Infotech is bringing your company to mobile in order to enable you to create your own on demand business and provide your clients with simplicity and convenience. Deorwine Infotech specializes in on-demand delivery apps and provides highly scalable, robust, and user-friendly solutions that can be tailored to certain niche markets.Our on-demand mobility service approach will enable your startup or corporation to develop more quickly and provide unrivaled customer support across all sectors and enterprises.

Cloud Solutions

We deliver an affordable, super-fast workplace in the cloud including your own business applications and unlimited management for an attractive price. As the finest Cloud Solution service provider in USA and Canada, Merix Web Experts serve more than 100 satisfied SMEs with a complete, fast, and secure workplace. Use the rate calculator to make an immediate calculation of your monthly costs.We are one of the top cloud solution providers in USA and India to provide a workplace for a fixed amount per month including unlimited support from our service desk.

Game Development

Our expertise are delivering excellence in both 2D and 3D game development at a reasonable cost. Our expert team of game developers, artists, designers, QA, and game software testers is ensuring the finest quality of games for PC, mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and online web genres. Our experts update themselves with improvised game development tools and frameworks like HTML5, Unity3D to bring much better results by transforming reality to your games.We deliver an affordable, super-fast workplace in the cloud including your own business applications and unlimited management for an attractive price.

Print Media Design

Every day you have to present your company's work in a different way so that your company can have its own image. And this won't be possible without print media design. This is one of the major marketing tools through which one can easily win the competition. In this corporate world, it is highly important to have a big name and a good reputation so that people easily recognize your worth. This all can be done with the help of using the marketing strategies and branding is one of them. At Merix Web Experts we help you to develop you as a brand name with our top-class print media designing service. Branding enables you to connect with your target audience in a very effective and interesting way

Interaction Design

Logo isn’t just a graphic with vibrant colors or a catchy pattern; it is rather the quickest introduction of your business thoughts, vision and values. A logo embodies your business and brand in the way nothing else does. That is why designing a Logo is the most crucial area of graphical designing and the most difficult area to master as well. When expertise to create a design that connects with audience meets the brilliance of designing techniques, then a logo is created which is clear, crisp and creative. A technically excellent logo doesn’t change its effectiveness whether resized or presented in full color, black and white or half tone shades. Get a Logo that summarizes and symbolizes your business


Some pre questions and answers

What is a business solution?

A business solution is a software or a technology platform designed to address a specific business problem or improve a specific business process. Examples of business solutions include customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and project management software.

Why is it important for businesses to implement business solutions?

Business solutions help businesses streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve decision-making. They also provide valuable insights into business operations and customer behavior, allowing businesses to make informed decisions. Additionally, business solutions can help businesses save time and money by automating manual processes and reducing errors.

What are the benefits of using cloud-based business solutions?

Cloud-based business solutions offer several benefits, including increased accessibility, scalability, and security. They also allow for easy collaboration and can be more cost-effective compared to traditional on-premise solutions. Cloud-based solutions are also highly customizable and can be easily updated, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs.

How can businesses choose the right business solution for their needs?

Choosing the right business solution depends on the specific needs and goals of a business. It's important to conduct research and consider factors such as the size of the business, the nature of its operations, and budget. Additionally, businesses can seek the advice of industry experts and review the product offerings of various vendors before making a decision.

What should businesses consider when implementing business solutions?

When implementing business solutions, businesses should consider factors such as integration with existing systems, training requirements for employees, and the cost and resources required for implementation. It's also important to establish clear goals and a plan for measuring the success of the solution.

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