Our Career

Do you call yourself a Tech Savvy!! You are Welcomed in Our Team

We welcome both new as well as experienced talents who are passionate about their work. However, we do not limit talent to one marked existing role with us, but we create new roles to have you with us. Want to work with us, check the relevant opening below, or immediately send us your profile at info@merixwebexperts.com.

We won't ask for your distinctions what matters for us is your passion for work. We don't believe in ordinary or just good, what matters for us is excellence. We need quality in what you are doing. If you are passionate about what you are doing then you are welcome but if you just want to earn your pocket money while you are preparing for some other exams of your then; hey, just stay away.

We are not looking for robots or people to whom we have to guide what is needed to be done, but for the people who know what is needed to be done. So think twice before joining us