Custom Application Development

Merix Web Experts has extensive experience in developing customized mobile applications. We are happy to help you guide the entire process. Our expertise allows us to think along about the content of your mobile application. We think along about the functionalities, possibilities, and design of mobile applications. Then we bring the development of your mobile app to a professional and attractive end result. Your wishes are our starting point. We are happy to involve you in the decisions in the development process in order to achieve the desired end result together.


Mobile app portfolio

We have experience in developing mobile applications for various brands, B2B customer relations, and consumer applications. View an overview of our cases within our application portfolio.


Our team of software developers has extensive experience in custom application development. We work according to a fixed agile method, in which applications are built from components. In addition to shorter development time and therefore lower costs, this means scalable software that is easy to expand. This makes it possible to respond quickly to changing market conditions. By listening carefully to those who will work with the software, the delivered application fits in well with the working method in your company.


Application modernization

Would you like to have a new application developed to replace an outdated system? Often it is not necessary to completely replace such outdated systems and modernization is a much more attractive option. Merix Web Experts can help you (partially) modernize outdated applications, after which they will again meet current requirements and grow with future requirements. 

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