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Together with you, Simplify Technologies create an online place where branding and sales come together in order to get the most out of your webshop.

Your eCommerce ambitions

A clear strategy and roadmap are necessary to realize your e-commerce ambitions. If you really want to grow with your webshop, you have to understand where you currently stand and what your dot on the horizon is.

We help you with:                                                                                                                                                                    

  1. B2C e-commerce: e-commerce with a great (brand) experience;
  2. B2B e-commerce: using e-commerce to serve your customers digitally;
  3. E-commerce audits: analyze your current e-commerce situations;
  4. Configurators: selling complex custom products via e-commerce;
  5. Re-platforming:  switching from, for example, Magento 1 to Magento 2;
  6. Integrations: integrate your e-commerce platform with other business software.

E-commerce processes where we are proud of it

Together with these customers, we have set up beautiful shops that ensure growth.

An optimal shopping experience starts with understanding your customers

An e-commerce strategy only becomes truly successful when you offer your customer a consistent experience.

This starts before the purchase and continues when the purchase has taken place. We help you map out your customer profiles and the associated customer journeys. We do this in (multiple) strategy sessions.

Over the past ten years, Simplify Technologies has first changed into a full-service eCommerce website development and eventually into a digital agency. From ‘developing websites’ to an ‘internet agency for websites and online marketing’ to ‘strategic partner in all kinds of digital projects’. We now work daily with specialists for the best clients.

Your fast and future-oriented eCommerce websites at Simplify Technologies


Simplify Technologies is an eCommerce web development specialist and has experience with high volume webshops. These are often linked to underlying ERP or logistics systems. Together with you, we ensure online growth through your new webshop. After going live, our online marketers are happy to help you to get maximum results from your new platform.

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