Portal Development

We create portals with concrete goals. Whether it is about generating leads, selling products, or pure branding. We provide a perfectly working and user-friendly websites and portals with a fantastic design.


Website or Customer Portal required

Your website or customer portal is more than a static showcase for your company. Your website is your customer portal and the digital showcase of your company. You want to bring your corporate identity and culture to life. It goes without saying that you want to promote your services and be able to serve your customers. Your customers want to operate your portal anytime and anywhere on the PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Your website is operated differently per device and has requirements for the design per channel. Not only the appearance and user-friendliness are important, but we look at the interactive, multi-channel, self-service, and responsive behavior of your channels today. Let’s take a look at your website together.


An investment in your online services

Are you also going through the transition from the physical counter or counter to Self Service and online services? Your customer portal or website is an extension of your physical activities with the digital handling of your process and processing to your back-office applications. A customer portal delivers immediate value and is an investment that you will quickly recoup. Together with our specialists, we ensure that everything is arranged without worrying about your domain, hosting, maintenance, and management.


Merix Web Experts is unique with business consultants and web service specialists with industry knowledge and solutions for the digital handling of your processes and information provision in multiple sectors. 

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