React Native App Development

An app only has real added value if it is part of a long-term mobile strategy. How can a mobile app add value to your business, for example? And when do you speak of success? The strategists at Simplify Technologies help you make important choices and develop a future- proof mobile strategy. We ensure that your app really adds value to the life of your target audience – both now and in the future.


For powerful apps with excellent performance

At Simplify Technologies, we develop advanced mobile apps for different platforms. Thanks to React, one of the most advanced libraries in the market, we no longer need to develop a separate application for each platform – Web browser, iOS, Android -. Instead, we develop user-friendly, fast, and efficient native applications with excellent performance.


The benefit of React native app

  • Efficient app development – With React we can develop an app from one JavaScript codebase and roll it out across different platforms. This saves us a lot of development time.


  • Worldwide support – React is one of the most popular open-source projects at the moment. React is supported by a large worldwide community of developers. As a result, React is well maintained and the development speed of the software is very high.


  • Scalable codebase – React works with reusable components (pieces of code) that work independently of each other. This makes it easy to adjust and expand React. Changes in one place do not necessarily affect other places. 


  • Fast applications – It doesn’t matter how complex your application is: React is set up so efficiently that your application is lightning fast, regardless of the amount of data presented.


  • Future proof – Due to the components and the standardized structure, applications built with React are easy to maintain and expand.
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