Website Revamping

Complex customization

We are able to deliver custom work in any form. For example, we can make links with your systems, including your accounting system, CRM system, payment service provider, and mail system. We think along with you to oversee the entire picture because the website is often part of a larger whole.


For a number of our customers, we have transferred data from the old website to the new website. This may include articles, videos, and customer information. Writing a script for this and of course, testing this extensively before the new site goes live


Our method for website revamping

Our step-by-step approach ensures a structured and flexible collaboration between our team and your organization


Step 1: Goals and wishes – the results

The success of a good portal lies in a good concept that answers questions such as: what are the objectives of the site? Which services are offered to which target groups? We are happy to help you formulate the concept.


Step 2. Functional design – the big picture

When the concept is ready, we can translate it into the concrete content of your website: the functional design. Here we describe in detail how the portal will be built. We make sketches of all important pages and describe the functionalities and possible links. Think of it as an architect’s detailed drawing before the house is built.


Step 3. Design – Beautiful and functional

We translate the functional design into an appealing design. We don’t settle for just any design. After all, your site must be functional and very beautiful. The design depends on the goals of your website. Designs are always for desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Step 4. Development & going live – everything has to be right

We start with the actual development of your website. We work with a test environment that you can access to monitor the entire process. Before the site goes live, we carefully test the site and optimize the site for search engines. After approval, we will launch your site.


Step 5. Maintenance and further development – keep improving

After the website has been delivered, it is important that the website and the installed plugins remain up to date. In this way, improvements are implemented and the website remains as safe as possible. In order to serve our customers as well and quickly as possible, we work with a ticket system and are available by phone.

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